Apr 032013

Costco Equinox 10.4 Kayak

Every spring when I enter Costco I am tempted to buy one of these Equinox 10.4 Kayaks. I was able to resist the temptation in years past because I had no easy way to carry it in my convertible. Now that I have a regular car I might be able to fit it either inside the car or on the roof. I do notice that they lowered the price $50 from last year, so it is only $299 but it does not come with the foam block roof rack.

I have read a number of reviews online and am surprised how positive they are. My other reservation has been that I have been spoiled using long & narrow sea kayaks and this kayak is definitely wide. I guess I can always pass it down to the kids/grandkids if I decide to ‘upgrade’ down the road.

Will I be able to resist the temptation this year?

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  8 Responses to “Temptation: Costco Equinox 10.4 Kayak”

  1. I say go for it. They are a pretty decent kayak. They are wide but also makes them super stable. Perfect for me because I like to fish. They were on 50 instant savings a couple of weeks ago to boot.

  2. I took a spin in it yesterday and was pretty pleased with it. My 14 year old son bought it for general pleasure and fishing. He wanted one that could haul his gear but not be too cumbersome. I like the stability and storage space it offers. I plan on getting some for my daughters and myself. It’s a great starter kayak for the price – $299 at Costco right now where we live. I put foam pipe insulation ($5 at the plumbing store) over the rails on my Tahoe and bungee’d it down. Took 3 minutes to load and secure. No complaints so far.

  3. I snapped one of these up at Costco in February (in Minnesota!) because I thought it looked like a great kayak for our family at a good price. We’ve had it out several times now on the lake near our house and we LOVE it! Love the stability and it’s been good for adults and our 3 teens. We bought a smaller youth size one for our younger girls and that’s been great too.

  4. What Costco has them?

  5. Hi, If I get this I intend to use it in the harbor. There are some pretty good size waves from time to time. Primarily caused by boats. Does any one know if this kayak will stay afloat if it is swamped with water? Thanks, George

    • These are not made for white water. I own one and have taken it out in the pacific bays off the Oregon coast. If any size wave, they seem pretty stable but will get wet inside. They are hard to flip, but they are also heavy. Fifty plus pounds. The weight is the only issue for me.

  6. I am told they have them at Costco in Long Beach Ca. I assume they are talking about this model.

  7. I bought two of these last summer and love them. They are very stable good beginner kayaks. I’m not a small person and I’ve found them to hold my weight quite well. The only problem I have is that nobody makes a cockpit cover large enough to go around the whole opening. This leads to bugs and water getting inside the boat as it has to be parked outside under the eaves. If it fills up with water it will be swamped. I’ve read that float bags will help displace water so it won’t fill up. I don’t have any issues with boat wakes. I took them out to Willamette Falls in the Portland area and the big speed boat tour people didn’t knock me over with their wake. You just have to go toward the wake/wave at an angle so it doesn’t push you over. I don’t think I’m up to taking them down class 2/3 rapids though. They would fill up with water for sure. I say get it. I used fun noodles from the dollar store and ratchet ties to hold it to the roof of my CRV and it works just fine though I did just buy a set of J racks for longer trips. I love my day glow green yaks :) Maybe someday I’ll upgrade but I don’t see a need to. These work just fine for my skill level and use.

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