Sep 202010

Terminal Gravity Brewery Terminal Gravity Brewery

On our drive to check out Wallowa Lake, I noticed a sign saying, “Terminal Gravity Brewery – 1 block”. I was sure I had heard of it before and even if I hadn’t we would have to stop on our way back down.

So, after cheking out the Oregon State Campground for a future adventure and taking photographs of the spawning Kokanee salmon, we returned to Enterprise, Oregon and Terminal Gravity Brewery. Although they seem to have a large facility, they must not receive too many visitors. Besides a few picnic tables outside, inside they have only 4 stools at the bar and 2 tables.

I ordered a pint of Breakfast Porter and Von had a cup of coffee (sometimes it is good to have a non beer drinker with you). The porter was delicious and was quite satisfying as a liquid lunch especially since we had a very late (and large) breakfast.

Terminal Gravity Brewery Terminal Gravity Brewery

Before leaving I asked about their Barley Wine since it is a style I am not familiar with. The waitress brought me a sample to try. On the palate the Barley Wine had quite a lot of body with a citrus-fruity taste that was balanced by the +11% alcohol content. I decided to bring a growler of this home and to pick up a 6-pack of their IPA for my oldest son.

Terminal Gravity Brewery Now there is one more reason to go camping next year at Wallowa Lake.

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  1. re: not too many visitors

    I think you missed the tables upstairs–used to be there anyway. Great beer. Great people. Wonderful part of the world. I miss living there.

  2. @David – I did not see any upstairs in the bar where we were sitting, guess there could be some in the metal building where the brewery is.

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