Jun 272013

3rd day of my challenge to see how many consecutive days I can ride my Trikke 10+ miles.

Today I rode just short of 11 miles, starting from the Richland Wye and riding the bike path across the Yakima River to Howard Amon Park. Compared to yesterday’s ride through Columbia Park, this bike trail is heavenly. Wide, smooth, and clean almost all the way to Howard Amon Park where you encounter concrete sidewalks heaved ever so much by tree roots. I will be riding this trail more often.

Going up over the Yakima River and then back down to river level also gave me quite a bit more elevation to deal with but the inclines were not insurmountable. I had to work at a couple of the inclines but can sure tell that my hill climbing skills have greatly improved with practice

Where to ride tomorrow?

Day 3

  • MapMyRide: Map
  • Distance: 10.97 miles
  • Duration: 1 hour, 33 minutes
  • Max Speed: 18.9mph
  • Moving Avg: 8.1mph
  • Total Ascent: 237ft
  • Total Descent: 285ft
  • Consecutive Miles: 32.51

Source: MapMyRide.com
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