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Trikke Route 2013/05/24

Trikke Route 2013/05/24

Great Trikke ride along the Sacajawea Heritage Trail this evening after work. Started at the little parking area at W. A Street and 25th Ave. in Pasco and rode west all the way to Chiawana Park. The path is well kept and fairly smooth and I think I will be returning to this area more often.

It is my furthest ride so far, just under a 10 mile round trip. To go any further west I would have to ride in the bike lane on Court Street to the I182 bridge. I could extend the route to the east, by either starting at or heading to the Cable Bridge. Someday soon, Bridge to Bridge to Bridge. Cable, Blue, & I182.

Here are the stats:
Route on Google Maps – Total distance: 9.8 mi
– Total time: 1:17:12
– Moving time: 1:16:06
– Average speed: 7.6 mi/h
– Average moving speed: 7.7 mi/h
– Max speed: 15.2 mi/h

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