Aug 212021

Goal – What I hope to do with the tool

Build a chatbot for lead capture on my website, GMB, and Facebook. Also looks like may be able to integrate into Twillio for lead capture, etc.

Collect leads, Drive sales & engaged prospects through Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Google Business Messenger, SMS, Voice, Slack, Telegram, Wechat, etc

First Contact

Travis mentioned it to me, I dismissed it, then saw some more info about it. Read more, watched some of their videos, and was intrigued.

For a short period of time, they just started offering a lifetime deal price between $99 and $499 depending on how many users you want on the system.


Looks like would need to do the Agency level because each user in the office would need access to the chatbot. The next level down only offers 5 users.

First Projects – Get’r Done

What would I build out first?

  1. Facebook chatbot (because most familiar)
  2. GMB chatbot
  3. Website chatbot
  4. Twilio IVR chatbot

Needed to Start

Nothing else appears to be needed


Can I install FB messenger on my website to implement the chatbot? Seems that is what they are doing on their website.



Best Practices to consider while developing Chatbots for your business

  1. Define the scope/role of the bot
  2. Who is the audience
  3. Understand what the bot is supposed to perform
  4. Possible hurdles may face

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