Aug 062010
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Leaving is always the hardest thing to do. Especially when you are leaving for a 10 day vacation in a 26′ travel trailer. We have found that rather than leaving in the morning, it is always best to leave the night before. It always takes an extra 2 hours to pack, so if you plan to leave town at 8am you never get out until 10, but if you plan to leave around 7pm you can get out of the house at 9pm, get a couple hundred miles down the road, and actually be on vacation the next morning.

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Multnomah Falls is a great place to stop for the night. After locking everything up we all crawled into bed around midnight. The train tracks are only about 40 yards away but if the train went by while we were there this year, I sure did not hear it. I was wakened at 6:30am by our little schnauzer, Fritz, who needed to do his business. I am so glad I forced myself out of bed and did not make the boys take him out. The air was clear, it was a gorgeous walk up to the falls, and I had the place to myself.

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After taking pictures of the falls, Fritz and I walked east along old Highway 30 and the train tracks. The sun was peaking around the mountain but I was not able to get a good photo of the sunrise. As we were walking I saw the train coming so I set up to take a picture of the train as it whizzed by. Well, the conductor had the last laugh. I was holding the camera to get just the right shot. The train had just reached me and the conductor blasted the train whistle. I must have jumped a foot and am sure the conductor was laughing all the way down the track.

When I got back to the trailer around 8am everyone was awake and we decided to hit the road and get breakfast and coffee in Wood Village, outside Portland where we had planned to make a pit stop anyway to visit Camping World.

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