Jun 022013

American Gods.
Neil Gaiman.

He was not the first whose return she had initiated; and she knew that, soon enough, the million-year stare would fade, and the memories and the dreams that he had brought back from the tree would be elided by the world of things you could touch.

Page: 385

Word: elide
transitive verb
1a : to suppress or alter (as a vowel or syllable) by elision
1b : to strike out (as a written word)
2a : to leave out of consideration : omit
2b : curtail, abridge
Pronunciation: \i-?l?d\
– some unnecessary verbiage will need to be elided, but otherwise the article is publishable
– the product presentation was not elided—it’s always only 15 minutes long
Origin: Latin elidere to strike out, from e- + laedere to injure by striking
First Known Use: 1796
I do remember seeing this word once and a while. Seems like it should be spelled eleeeeded but the many ‘e‘s have been elided and replaced with a single ‘i‘.

Source: Merriam-Wwbster.com
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