Jun 142013

The Civil War and American Art .
Eleanor Jones Harvey.

Twain earned the undying enmity of Confederate loyalists with his insouciant but accurate critique of the work…

Page: 10

Word: insouciant
Definition: lighthearted unconcern : nonchalance
Pronunciation: in-?sü-s?-?n(t)s, a?-süs-?yä?s
Example: wandered into the meeting with complete insouciance to the fact that she was late
Origin: French, from in- + soucier to trouble, disturb, from Old French, from Latin sollicitare
First Known Use: 1799
I rarely get to use the word ‘nonchalance’ but if I ever do again, I have a new word to use instead.

Book Posts

  • The Civil War and American Art – Eleanor Jones Harvey
  • Vocab: Insouciant – Try to use it nonchalantly
  • Vocab: elided – to leave out of consideration, to omit
  • Vocab: Stint – To Limit or Restrict
  • Enslaving Your Own Children

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