Jun 112013

The Civil War and American Art .
Eleanor Jones Harvey.
The editors of each did not stint their opinions on the pages of their papers.
–Page: 14


verb (used without object)
 1. to be frugal; get along on a scanty allowance: Don’t stint on the food. They stinted for years in order to save money.
 2. Archaic. to cease action; desist.
verb (used with object)
 3. to limit to a certain amount, number, share, or allowance, often unduly; set limits to; restrict.
 4. Archaic. to bring to an end; check.

Didn’t really expect this book to be quite the source of new vocabulary words that it is. I guess I might say the author did not stint her use of obtuse vocabulary.

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  • Vocab: Stint – To Limit or Restrict
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  • Source: Dictionary.com
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