Sep 202012

When I happened to pop into Webmaster Tools today (for a completely unrelated reason) it reported that some kind of malware had been detected on this site. Argh! Of course nothing that was clickable on the warning page gave me any idea of anything concrete I could do to fix the problem so I resorted to a Google search “google find malware” which brought up a few suggestions for me to follow.

Severe health issues found - Malware detected

I ran the Sucuri SiteCheck on my site and it showed I was ‘clean’ everywhere except for some site called Yandex which had blacklisted my blog.

Domain blacklisted by Yandex

It took me about 20 minutes to sign up with Yandex so I could find out what ‘malware’ they had detected. Turns out it was an old issue that I had already fixed from back in March but they had never rescanned to see that it had been corrected. I submitted a request for them to rescan my site and remove the malware notification. Was sure glad it was not something serious but wish they had updated their system sometime in the last 6 months.

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