May 172006

If you are debugging a WordPress plugin or writing one, it would be great to be able to figure out all the filters and actions for the WordPress Hooks in your blog. Better yet would be if you could find out their priority and execution order.

Now you can!

Ozh over at PlanetOzh has written a plugin, Plugin Debugging : Hooks and Filters Flow that will do just that.

Basically, a plugin for WordPress creates a PHP function (called a filter or an action) which is triggered when a particular event (called a hook) occurs. When several filters are supposed to be triggered by the same hook, you can define their priority.

When you?re writing a plugin and you?re facing unexpected behavior, it may be a priority issue : some internal function, or a function from another plugin you had forgotten about, is running before your own and processing the same bits you?re trying to pass through your function.

Wouldn?t it be cool if you could easily list all filters and action for every hook, in their priority and execution order ? Would be cool. Well, it is cool actually : get your hands on WordPress Hooks and Filters Flow.

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